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Is a full time freelance photographer specializing in commercial work with people, bands, fine art, heirloom portraiture and much much more.


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Models who would like to shoot with Real Deal Photography, please read through the F.A.Q's below.  They should answer most, if not all, questions you may have regarding working with Bobby Deal, Real Deal Photography,Phone 970-820-0812.

What does TFP stand for and what is it?

TFP is an acronym for Trade for Print. While today the acronym is actually a bit outdated as with the advent of Digital Photography most TFP shoots are actually delivered to the model in TFCD or Trade for CD form. In a TFP shoot the model and the photographer come to an agreement where by they barter their time and services to each other in an even trade. No money is ever exchanged for a TFP session.

While the model provides his or her time and skill as a model the photographer provides his or her skill as a photographer and photo re-toucher. Together photographer and model collaborate to create a specified set of images. When the shoot is done the photographer will typically provide the model with a selection of print ready images on a CD or DVD disc along with a limited release allowing the model to print and use the images for their own promotional use to build their portfolio books and other materials such as website and Zed cards. Unless otherwise arranged in advance the model does not receive commercial rights to images created in a TFP shoot and all copyrights to the images are wholly owned by the photographer.

Does Real Deal Photography Offer TFP?

Typically the answer to that question is a simple no we do not. Unlike many photographers you may encounter offering TFP I am a full time photographe and this is how I make my living. So unlike the hobbyist I simply can't make a living by working for free. That said there are always exceptions to every rule and on occasion we will encounter a model or individual with something truly unique to offer and will accept a TFP agreement. These exceptions are very very rare. If you think you have something to offer that we can't live without feel free to pitch it at us but please don't be offended if we decline the offer. All TFP / TFCD shoots do require that the model signs Real Deal Photography's Full Commercial Photographic Release. This release does grant me the right to sell, license and distribute images created in a TFP session at our discretion. Release available for review on request.

What Is Royalty Free?

Royalty Free Stock Photography is a concept whereby the end user of the images pays a single one time license fee to use an image and does not have to pay any additional royalty for repeated use of the images. The buyer does not own the copyright of the images (it remains the property of the photographer) but they have bought a license granting them the right to use the images legally without further payments or interruption from the seller as long as the use complies with the terms and conditions of the licensing agencies End User Agreement. While the licensee of the image can not offer the image for resale or transfer rights to use it to another Royalty Free Licensing does offer designers a wide range of benefits; mainly lower pricing and convenience.

While the licensee of the image has the right to use the image without further cost beyond the initial licensing fee the model does maintain a level of protection in that the End User License Agreement (EULA) issued by all Royalty Free Stock Agencies utilized by Real Deal Photo for distribution of our images contain contractual clauses such as these:

10. Use an Image with pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or immoral content or in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party's trademark or intellectual property.

12. Use an Image in a way that places a person in the photo in a bad light or depicts them in a way that they may find offensive- this includes pornography, tobacco ads, religious and political endorsements, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or immoral content.

If you shoot TFP with Real Deal Photo some of the images created at that shoot may be offered as Royalty Free Stock. However if the above protections are not included in the EULA of a specific agency then we will not distribute images through their service. As a model should you ever find an image created by Real Deal Photo in use and believe its use to violate the model protection clauses of the licensing agencies EULA contact Real Deal Photography and we will investigate it immediately. If the user is found to be in violation of the EULA all legal proceedings to cease the use and recover damages will be initiated.

What To Expect In Return For TFP?

In return for services offered Real Deal Photo provides the TFP model with a minimum of 3 (often more) print ready images from each outfit / look photographed. In addition to print ready versions of the images we also provide the model with web optimized copies of these same images that are re-sized, compressed and ready for upload to your website or any of the many Online Modeling Portfolio websites available to models today. Web resolution images from a TFP shoot will be delivered with the Real Deal Photo watermark tastefully positioned in one corner of the image. Removal of this watermark would violate the terms of your TFP agreement so please do not remove the watermark. Web versions of all print ready images delivered to models may also be hosted in a Public Gallery specific to the model on our Mobil Me or Smugmug websites  in addition to the images Real Deal Photo may display contact and booking info for the model as provided by the model.

How to book a TFP shoot?

EMAIL Bobby Deal to request a TFP session. Please note very few TFP shoot requests are granted but we are always open to truly unique opportunities. Please do not be offended if we decline your TFP request. We have been in business long enough now that our portfolio is strong and lacks very little but of course you simply never know what might catch my interest.

Where Are TFP Shoots Shot?

Typically we shoot all TFP in the studio facilities located at:
Fort Collins and or Loveland Co.

However on occasion we may arrange with you to shoot your TFP session on location

When Should I Arrive For My Shoot?

Unless you are told otherwise during the planning process of your shoot please arrive at your specified call time. A few minutes early is always acceptable but anything more then 10 minutes early will most likely leave you waiting in the parking lot or lobby.

Will You Provide a Makeup / Hair Artist?

Professional makeup artists and hair stylists are available for your shoot. Their services are not included in our base pricing. At the time you book your shoot you will be offered the opportunity to hire a MUHA. While their services are not required you are strongly encouraged to include their services in your shoot. The artists we contract with are all licensed professionals using products that are specifically designed for studio use. The day to day makeup you wear to work or the club is likely much to light to hold up under studio conditions. Plus a good MUHA knows all the proper makeup and hair styles to correctly match the theme of your shoot.  The artists we work with are all very reasonably priced and most will stay with you for the duration of your shoot to do touch ups and style changes as needed. If you are employing the services of a Makeup artist come ion with your face and hair clean.

What To Bring To A Shoot?

A great attitude and an open mind will serve you well, come into the shoot with the attitude that you are going to have fun and create some great photos and that is exactly what will happen. You can relax and have fun when shooting with Real Deal Photo as we will never pressure you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

A Robe or other cover-up to wear between the dressing room and the studio when shooting may make you more comfortable. We have several in the dressing rooms but some models prefer to use their own robes.

What Wardrobe should I bring for my shoot?

What wardrobe you should bring will be discussed during the booking process but as a general rule for a portfolio starter , zed card type shoot you will want to bring 4-5 changes of clothing including the proper undergarments and shoes to go with each outfit. Typically you will want to bring out fits to cover the following Casual / Business Casual, Jeans, Blouses  and tops in white, black and pastels, a light Summer Dress, Club Wear, and maybe swimwear or lingerie depending on the style of shoot you have booked.

Can I Bring An Escort

If you feel more comfortable on a first visit to the studio you are welcome to bring an escort with you the shoot. However, please note that boyfriends or significant others do not make the best escorts as they can tend to make you nervous and apprehensive in front of the camera. Please bring a trusted friend or someone you are truly comfortable with and know that should your escort become disruptive to the shoot they will be asked to wait outside the shooting areas of the studio while you are being photographed.


The studio is equipped with IPOD's and Pandora Radio. We are happy to create any station you would like us to our you may connect your own IPOD MP3 player to our system. We no longer use CD players in the studio and will be unable to play CD's if you bring them.  Don't worry that we may not like the music as our musical tastes are very diverse and our first concern is your comfort while on the set.

Do I Have To Shoot Nude

No, unless you are working in an adult industry your portfolio does not require nudes. Unless it is determined in the booking process that you will be shooting nudes we will never spring a request on you or pressure you to shoot nudes. If you would like to include nudes in your portfolio you can request them however we do not require any model to shoot nude that did not arrange to do so in advance. If you do plan to shoot lingerie or nude we recommend that you arrive in loose fitting clothing and forgo a bra or any tight fitting elastic undergarments that may leave marks on your skin.

When Will I Receive My Photos?

Portfolio Shoot

Unless notified otherwise prior to the shoot models doing paid portfolio shoots will receive an email with a link to a private preview gallery within one business day of the shoot. Once you have the preview gallery the next step is in your hands. Your preview email will include directions for making your photo selections. Once we receive your list of photos for us to retouch we strive to complete delivery of digital files within 3 business days. We do not provide a DVD of images, rather in an effort to be as green as possible we will utilize a file delivery system such as Yousendit or Dropbox to deliver a download link for a Zip file of your photos to your email. This email will include complete instructions on how to download, unzip and archive the images in your zip file. If your package included prints , zed cards or other printed matter anticipated turn around time for delivery of those products will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

TFP Shoot

Our standard delivery goal for TFP is 3-4 weeks after the shoot to deliver the final zip file of images though we typically will get a couple images to you within a day or two. Models do not get to select images from TFP shoots. We will select and retouch the images from the shoot that best meet the needs of model and photographer. You will receive copies of any and all images I select to retouch.
best of the images from the shoot  of images. However we will be in regular contact with you during that period directing you to the web gallery where you will be able to view and download the Web ready versions of your images as they are processed.

My last TFP photographer gave me all the photos and let me process them myself, why wont you?

Sorry but this is a practice that Real Deal Photography does not participate in. I care far too much about the way our photos represent not only myself but you as a model as well. As a result I do not provide models with unprocessed images for any reason nor do I allow them to manipulate or alter the images from the form and format in which I deliver them. I would much rather you ask me for a special process or sizing of an image after delivery then to risk having it done by someone who may or may not have the skills in photo processing / retouching to best represent us both to the world.

How Do I Get Paid Assignments With Real Deal Photography?

When booking for paid assignments we look first to the models we have worked with in the past. If a suitable model is unavailable within that ever growing group we will then utilize the various local and or online modeling agencies to search out model profiles that might meet our immediate needs. That said we are always interested in meeting experienced models with verifiable experience as for many paid projects we can not utilize a model with lesser experience so don't hesitate to drop us an email with a link to your portfolio because you never know you might just be exactly the model we are looking to cast for that special project.

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